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Marina Atma and extreme adventures

Atma Eco Village is a sanctuary of relaxation, in the middle of nature. Our location, next to the lake, is perfect for a quiet retreat in the Soul of the forest, but it is also ideal for those who prefer a good rush of adrenaline and seek adventure.

Discover our wide array of the things to do in Guatape; feel like touching the sky with our extreme swing, hiking, explore the lake with our Guatape boat tour and enjoy a unique experience.


Ideal for adrenaline and adventure lovers

Have fun in the lake at Marina Atma

Spending the day at the lake is one of the most famous things to do in Guatape. Its crystal clear waters and the lush vegetation around it make it an unmissable destination.

Marina Atma is the ideal place to live unique experiences, sheltered by the incredible Colombian biodiversity. With more than 600m of dock and floating deck, a lounge area with service, a bar and restaurant and a multitude of activities, Marina Atma is unmissable and without doubt, the place to be in Guatapé. Refresh yourself with a delicious drink overlooking the lake, feel the sun on your skin from the Sun Deck, explore this wonderful oasis and discover all the adventures and activities that Atma Eco Village has in store for you.

Guatape boat tour

Fall in love with the incredible landscape around you, from the heart of the lake. Our Guatape boat tour is the perfect opportunity to spend a day in the sun, in contact with nature.

Jet Ski

If you like adrenaline and water sports are your thing, then we have exactly what you are looking for. Fun tailored to your needs with our Jet Skis, available at the Water Deck Dock.


If you like to explore, but prefer something a little more private than a boat, then you will love discovering the secrets of the lake in one of our kayaks, ready to go on an adventure.


Feel the wind all around you and take your Guatape trip to the next level with our Wakeboards. Let yourself be carried away by the promise of an unforgettable afternoon on the water.

Paddle Boards

At Atma Eco Village, we offer a complete relaxation and wellness experience. Feel yourself flow like the waters of the lake on one of our paddle boards and connect deeply with nature.

Explore the forest

The generous flora around the lake is as much a part of the exquisite ecosystem as anything else. Its trees and flowers, which make it so welcoming and wonderful, and its valleys and small mountains, which decorate it throughout, are waiting for you in a unique adventure.

Extreme swing

Visiting the highest extreme swing in South America is one of the most incredible things to do in Guatape. At Atma Eco Village, our commitment is to provide you with experiences that make your trip to Colombia unique.